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Welcome to battleship Bismarck virtual gallery. In these pages you will find some selected 3D computer generated images of this brave and elegant battleship. You can visit some major sections of Bismarck by clicking to these pages. Please do not publish these pictures in any website without permission. However, using a few images (as samples) with giving the source and URL of this site is allowed.

Visiting the gallery may give you an idea about her superiority.
Section Menu
1. Armored bridge (inside views of armored bridge) enter
2. 380mm Main Guns (both the inside and outside views) enter
3. Turbine room (inside views of 138.000 bhp machinery) enter
4. Boilers (inside views of high pressure boiler rooms) enter
5. Radar room (inside views of Fu-Mo radar room) enter
6. Radio room (inside views of HF radio transmitter room) enter
7. Ammunition magazines (inside views of magazines & shells) enter
8. Deck (outside views of deck, forecastle & stern) enter
9. Funnel (outside views of the gigantic funnel) enter
10. Special 3D illustrations from the talented Jan Van Oberbeke enter
11. More special 3D images of Bismarck by Jan Van Oberbeke enter
12. Even more 3D Bismarck images from Jan Van Oberbeke enter

Note that, these 3D pictures are some samples from Virtual Power Studio's Battleship Bismarck CD.

Computer generated 3D images of Bismarck are produced upon available technical data.
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