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1. Bismarck Legend Lives website is a memorial for the battleship Bismarck and her sailors who lost their lives during the Operation Rheinubung. This site is also dedicated to British battlecruiser HMS Hood and her sailors who died aboard, during the Battle of Denmark Strait on 24 May. 1941.

2. This site has no political content. Bismarck Legend Lives website has no aim to be a side of any political ideology, organisation, etc. During WWII millions of people were died due to political ideologies. We tried to remember one of the numerous tragic events of this disaster. The brave sailors of both DKM Bismarck and HMS Hood were only soldiers Not politicians. Their honorful mission were to protect their people, country and flag. They all fought because of being brave soldiers.

3. Please do not advertise this site in any place, website, etc which utilizes any pornographic, illegal, political ideology, propoganda of any political organisation, group and party. We are strictly againist to interact with any political website, group, etc or any website which contains illegal subjects such as warez, hack, crack, etc.

4. All the original 3D images and animations which placed on this website' s pages are copyrighted. Please do not use them in any website without our permission. If you wish to use a few of them please send an e-mail to us for submission. Anybody can use a few of these images by giving our link and/or URL as the source.

5. You can send us your thoughts, suggestions and critics any time via e-mail. We are open to care all the positive approaches. But please do not send any political thoughts, ideas or suggestions. We will never handle these kind of e-mails.

6. We can change the images, content and other stuff of the website at any time without informing about the changes. We have the right to cancel any service of this website at any time without any notice. Also due to host service's technical troubles, sometimes it may not be possible to display any (or all) of the pages. This will not be our responsibility.

7. We are not responsible for the messages in our forum and/or guestbook pages. These pages are fully open to people without any restriction but of course except political, ethnical, illegal or religious content.. We have the right to delete any messages which utilizes such content at any time.

8. This website is a member of some webrings, discussion groups and toplists. We have no any responsibility about their activities Bismarck Legend Lives website is not (and will not) be a member of any group which have any political content and activity. But we can not check everytime the webrings, groups or toplists if any website or other member with political or illegal content have been added. We have no such kind of responsibility.

9. We are against spam. We never advertise our website via spam mails. All of the adv. the advertising methods which we use are legal methods such as banners, exchanges of links and banners, etc.
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