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Operation Rheinubung - The Tragedy of the Bismarck and the Hood
During the course of Operation Rheinubung, more than 3600 brave sailors died aboard two titans, DKM Bismarck and HMS Hood. These two giant, brave warships are almost honoured with their great and unforgettable fight.

As Admiral Sir John Tovey said, (the commander of Royal Navy's Home Fleet) the Bismarck had a great fight against impossible odds, and her brave seamen fought to their last shell during the final battle. It was the clash of the titans, the biggest caliber heavy guns, steel and braveness.

The story of the Bismarck is a unique one, which is full of heroism, power and elegancy. Battleship Bismarck had everything except good luck.
The Battle of Denmark Strait - Major Events

May 24, 1941, 05.52 AM - Denmark Strait - HMS Hood and HMS Prince of Wales open heavy gunfire on DKM Bismarck and DKM Prinz Eugen.

May 24, 1941, 05.55 AM - DKM Bismarck responds and opens full board fire on British ships, and shifts her fire on HMS Hood at 05.57 AM.

May 24, 1941, 05.58 AM - Another Bismarck salvo on British battlecruiser HMS Hood. Both of the German ships score hits on HMS Hood.

May 24, 1941, 06.00 AM - One or more 380 mm. shells of DKM Bismarck penetrates the deck armour of HMS Hood and the battlecruiser explodes.

More information about the Operation Rheinubung and the tragedy of the battleship Bismarck can be found in Section-1, Section-2, Section-3, Section-4, Section-5, Section-6 and Maps.
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