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Please feel free to leave a comment about the Bismark or any related subjects. Please make sure your words are clean, and also respect other peoples opinions.
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Comments already submitted
Added by: Permesh Goel [IP:]
Comment: Supreme evidence of divine German intelligence
Added by: [IP:]
Comment: beautiful,noble,ship
Added by: fritz [IP:]
Comment: wish more pictures wrack
Added by: Michael Elson [IP:]
Comment: You have taken the words out of my mouth! I also believe that the Bismarck is the mosr elegant and stunningly beautiful battleship ever. It must be one of th world\'s worst tragedies to lose a graceful ship like that.
Added by: Someone....., [IP:]
Comment: how in the world is one of hte German\'s many killing machines \"Stunningly Beautiful\" and \"graceful\"?
Added by: adolf from hell [IP:]
Comment: because good will alway triumph over evil
Added by: Clark Ward [IP:]
Comment: She was a very beautiful ship. The singularity of purpose of such a ship is what makes her beautiful.
Added by: Phil Butler [IP:]
Comment: The beauty rests in the design and craftsmanship of the vessel. It has little to do with purpose, but rather is in comaprison to other ships of this type, and ships in general. The german vessels have a dsitinct beauty of line that is somehow not present in other ships. I have loved the lines of boats all my life, and this ship, somehow, represents the finest materials, design, and seaworthiness above all the rest. There is also the rather inate sense that this was the best mankind could produce, yet unfortunately for a terrible cause.
Added by: Ryan Patten [IP:]
Comment: Raise this ship! And let it be a testiment to the men who fought and died aboard her. It is a pitty that such a piece of history is rusting away on the sea bed.
Added by: gavin [IP:]
Comment: I wood lice to jon the royal novy
Added by: George Edwards [IP:]
Comment: She went down with her guns balzing and her men fighting to the last.
Added by: mr k thompson [IP:]
Comment: fantastic ship
Added by: Joop [IP:]
Comment: Verry good site and informative Bravo Zulu
Added by: Zach Fox [IP:]
Comment: Germany\'s Proudest ship
Added by: Albedo [IP:]
Comment: Watch James Cameron\'s Expedition Bismarck and you\'ll be surprised to find thet the Germans themselves actually sunk this masterpiece...
Added by: Steve Henderson [IP:]
Comment: I would love to think that the crews (sailors)of both ships which suffered there own tragedies, DKM Bismarck and HMS Hood are in another place having a few beers/biere together as sailors do.
Added by: [IP:]
Comment: NEW Bismarck Movie....yes Ive been writing it for 3 years. Should it be 100% accurate or can it be an interpretation of an historical event? Comments please. Hoping for release in 2009. 70th anniversary of launch!
Added by: Mudie [IP:]
Comment: Rrelly Good Ship
Added by: Kiwiwriter [IP:]
Comment: Great ship and a sad fate
Added by: orchis [IP:]
Comment: czytalem kiedys jak plywajacy pod polska bandera ORP Piorun skupil na sobie na kilka chwil uwage uwage uciekajacego Bismarcka.
Added by: Jeff [IP:]
Comment: A well put together site with good information about the Bismarck.
Added by: eadweard [IP:]
Comment: An elegant and powerful warship! My query has to do with the super-BBs: I\'ve never heard DER FUHRER as a possible name, only FdG and GROSSDEUTSCHLAND. As German ships weren\'t named until launching, are these names speculation or is there evidence in DKM documents that such names were under consideration? And here is a bit of trivia: Lindemann insisted that BISMARCK be referred to as \"he\" rather than \"she\", as other ships were.
Added by: Michael Bachman [IP:]
Comment: Wasn\'t the DKM Prinz Eugen just a smaller version of the DKM Bismacrck? The DKM Prinz Eugen ended up at the bottom of Bikini atoll, one of the ships destroyed during the atomic bomb tests.
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