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Royal Navy - (WW2) 1941
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HMS Hood
HMS Rodney
HMS King George-V
HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Ark Royal

Britain's Big Sea Power
In 1941, the British sea power, Royal Navy was very powerful against German sea power Deutsche Kriegs Marine, but the German fleet was also at the top level of its power level too. Royal Navy had more battleships, battlecruisers and destroyers. Actually, the German surface fleet had modern and very powerful warships, but their number was not adequate to be a serious danger. But, especially the pocket battleships and Bismarck class battleships were so dangerous. The British side did the greatest effort to fight against Kriegs Marine's surface fleet and U-Boats during the whole Atlantic War. In 1941, Royal Navy didn't have a powerful battleship as Bismarck, only a few warships were comparable to this German battleship. These were HMS Hood, HMS King George-V and HMS Prince of Wales. HMS Rodney and HMS Nelson were both carrying 16 in. guns but they were slower than Bismarck (only 22 knots). The warships HMS Repulse and HMS Renown were the battlecruisers which had lighter armour than the protection of DKM Bismarck.

But Royal Navy had a great superiority against his enemy, Kriegs Marine. This was the aircraft carrier advantage. Royal Navy had some aircraft carriers during the WWII and these ships were a real obstacle for the German surface ships and submarines. During the war, the German side planned to launch two carriers and tried to put into service, but could never be succesful. These carriers were DKM Graf von Zeppelin and DKM Seydlitz.
The Major Warships of Royal Navy (WWII)
Modern Battleships
HMS Rodney, HMS Nelson, HMS Prince of Wales, HMS King George-V, HMS Duke of York, HMS Anson, HMS Howe.

HMS Hood, HMS Repulse, HMS Renown.

Cruisers & Heavy Cruisers
HMS Suffolk, HMS Norfolk, HMS Sheffield, HMS Dorsetshire, HMS Devonshire, HMS North Cumberland, HMS Surrey, HMS Southampton, HMS Newcastle, HMS Birmingham, HMS Glasgow, HMS Berwick, HMS Cornwall, HMS Cumberland, HMS Kent, HMS Exeter, HMS Achilles, HMS Ajax, HMS Aurora, HMS Galatea, HMS Arethusa, HMS Penelope, HMS Kenya, HMS Fiji, HMS Mauritus, HMS Nigeria, HMS Trinidad, HMS Ceylon, HMS Gambia, HMS Jamaica, HMS Uganda, HMS Bermuda, HMS Newfoundland, HMS Hermione, HMS Dido, HMS Euryalus, HMS Naiat, HMS Phoebe, HMS Sirius, HMS Bonaventure, HMS Charybdis, HMS Cleopatra, HMS Scylla, HMS Argonaut.

Aircraft Carriers
HMS Ark Royal, HMS Furious, HMS Courageous, HMS Glorious, HMS Argus, HMS Eagle, HMS Hermes, HMS Victorious, HMS Illustrious, HMS Formidable, HMS Indomitable, HMS Implacable, HMS Indefatigable.

Left: HMS Hood's last minutes. Right: HMS Renown during an exercise.
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