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An Original Oil Paint Picture: 'The End of a Legend'

The End of a Legend. An oil paint picture by E.H.G. Stokes
(Image courtesy of Mr. Matti Saurio)

Explanations about this picture by Matti Saurio
The viewer is thought to be standing in the tower of the DKM Prinz Eugen looking at SSE, on 24.5.1941, at 06.00 AM, just when the salvo of the DKM Bismarck hits the vulnerable deck armour of the HMS Hood. The last short shells from the British are just hitting the sea around and behind DKM Bismarck's stern. In the horizon, behind the exploding of HMS Hood, steams of the HMS Prince of Wales are visible, whose importance in the battle was decisive.

Cdr. E.H.G. Stokes was at the convoyer service in the North Atlantic during the World War II, but not personally involved in the hunt of DKM Bismarck. Thus the painting is his vision as a naval officer of the Battle of Denmark Strait. He painted it shortly before his death at the end of 1980's and called it "The End of a Legend". The battle must have touched him deeply for the rest of his life as it did for the whole British nation. The sinking of DKM Bismarck that followed after three days, completed the tragedy.
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