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HMS Rodney
The battleship Bismarck's final battle began on May 27 1941, at 08.47 AM with the first salvo of HMS Rodney. The British side, Royal Navy had two powerful battleships againist DKM Bismarck. Their speed was lower than the German battleship, but her rudders were damaged, locked and the full manoeuvrability was dramatically lost. Also there were more than ten warships at the British side, most of them belonged to Admiral Sir John Tovey's fleet. A few of them were the warships of Force-H (under the command of Admiral Sommerville). HMS Rodney fought against DKM Bismarck under the command of Captain Dalrymple Hamilton.

Battleship HMS Rodney, during an exercise.
Technical specifications of HMS Rodney
Builder: Cammell Laird - Birkenhead shipyard
Laid down: 28.12.1922
Launched: 17.12.1925
Commissioned: 10.11.1927
Displacement: (normal) 33.950 tons, (max.) 38.000 tons
Dimensions: 710 ft (695 W/L) X 106 ft X 28 ft (33 max.) [ L-B-D ]
Machinery power output (max.): 45.000 HP
Top speed: 23.8 knots
Guns: 9x16 in./45 cal. main guns, 12x6 in/50 cal. secondary guns, 6x4.7 in/40 cal. AA guns, 8x4 in/50 cal. AA guns
Total crew members: 1643 men

Left: HMS Rodney's 406mm. guns. Right: Captain Dalrymple Hamilton.
The chronology of the Bismarck's final battle
01. HMS Rodney opened fire at 08.47 AM.
02. HMS King George-V opened fire at 08.48 AM.
03. DKM Bismarck responded at 08.49 AM on Rodney.
04. Rodney's secondary armament in action, Rodney straddled at 08.58 AM.
05. The first hit on Bismarck at 09.02 AM.
06. The main radar antenna damaged at 09.17 AM Bismarck's firing is very intermittent.
07. The turret Anton damaged at 09.18 AM.
08. The turret Bruno exploded at 09.23 AM due to a direct hit from Rodney.
09. Bismarck opened fire on Rodney again with after turrets at 09.24 AM.
10. The ammunition of Dora turret exhausted at 09.27 AM.
11. The ammunition of Caesar turret exhausted at 09.31 AM.
12. Bismarck was in silence, the main guns were out of action.
13. Heavy gunfire from Rodney, KGV, Norfolk, Suffolk and Dorsetshire till 10.25 AM.
14. Bismarck became a burning hulk on water at 10.15 AM.
15. German crew detonated explosive charges for scuttling the Bismarck at 10.16 AM.
16. Admiral Tovey stopped the operation of Rodney and KGV at 10.26 AM.
17. HMS Dorsetshire torpedoed Bismarck three times between 10.33-10.35 AM.
18. Bismarck capsized and sank at 10.39 AM.
19. HMS Dorsetshire radioed the message informing 'Bismarck's death' at 10.41 AM.

Rodney and Bismarck in action on May, 27th.
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