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HMS Prince of Wales
HMS Prince of Wales was the sistership of HMS King George-V and HMS Duke of York. Both of these battleships fought against famous German Kriegs Marine battleships. HMS Prince of Wales fought against battleship Bismarck during the Battle of Denmark Strait. She received several hits from Bismarck and ceased fire. But later, she changed her course and began to follow German warships from a safe distance. During this time, both ships (Bismarck and Prince of Wales) opened fire within some periods but no one could succeed to destroy each other.

HMS Prince of Wales was lost during an unsuccesful attack againist Japan Navy in the Pacific Ocean. Japan torpedo bombers hit this Royal Navy battleship several times and succeeded to sink her.

Her sistership HMS Duke of York was very famous too. This battleship destroyed German battlecruiser DKM Scharnhorst during the Battle of North Cape. This battlecruiser had been sank by the torpedoes of some British destroyers and cruisers later (26.12.1943).

HMS Prince of Wales at Scapa Flow. This battleship class was a
successful design with 10 X 35.6 mm. guns.
Technical specifications of HMS Prince of Wales
Builder: Vickers-Armstrong Tyne
Laid down: 10.12.1941
Launched: 03.05.1939
Commissioned: n/a
Displacement: (normal) 36.203 tons, (max.) 40.890 tons
Dimensions: 745 ft (702 W/L) X 103 ft X 29 ft (32.7 max.) [ L-B-D ]
Machinery power output (max.): 110.000 HP
Top speed: 28 knots
Guns: 10x14 in./45 cal. main guns
16x5.25 in./50 cal. secondary guns
2x4.1 in./40 cal. AA guns
Total crew members: 1743 men

Another photograph of British battleship HMS Prince of Wales.
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