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HMS King George-V
The battleship Bismarck's final battle began on May 27, 1941, at 08.47 AM with the first salvo of HMS Rodney. Then, 60 seconds later, HMS King George-V joined to the battle with her 35.6 centimeter (14 inch) guns and opened fire on Bismarck at 08.48 AM. At 08.49, Bismarck responded to British ships with her forward guns. This fight was the last battle of brave battleship Bismarck.

HMS King George-V was the flagship of Admiral Tovey during the chase of Bismarck.
This battleship also gave a big fight againist Bismarck on 27 May, 1941.
Technical specifications of HMS King George-V
Builder: Vickers-Armstrong Tyne
Laid down: 01.01.1937
Launched: 21.02.1939
Commissioned: 11.12.1940
Displacement: (normal) 36.730 tons, (max.) 41.980 tons
Dimensions: 745 ft (702 W/L) X 103 ft X 29 ft (32.7 max.) [ L-B-D ]
Machinery power output (max.): 110.000 HP
Top speed: 28 knots
Guns: 10x14 in./45 cal. main guns
16x5.25 in./50 cal. secondary guns
2x4.1 in./40 cal. AA guns
Total crew members: 1706 men

Upper and lower images: King George-V opens fire on Bismarck during the final battle
(3D computer graphics)

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