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Battlecruiser HMS Hood 'Mighty Hood'

Hood was a wonderful ship. But her armour was not as thick and strong as the Bismarck's.
Honourable End Of A Battlecruiser
On May the 24th, 1941, the two titans located each other. At 05.52 AM, HMS Hood opened fire on Bismarck (*). Two minutes later, DKM Bismarck and DKM Prinz Eugen responded to Hood's gunfire and the Battle of Denmark Strait began.

At 06.00, a gigantic explosion with a thunderous flame ripped the Hood into two and she disappeared among the flames. In less than ten minutes of battle, Hood was lost. Only three men survived, and more than 1400 died on board (including Admiral Lancelot Holland) the biggest battlecruiser of the world.

Hood was a very powerful, speedy and beautiful ship. She had 8 X 38 cm. (15 inch) main guns and a top speed of 31 knots, but her armour was not as thick as a battleship armour. When Bismarck's heavy 38 cm. shells hit and penetrated her deck armour and detonated inside an ammunition magazine, the battlecruiser's end came quickly.

(*) Actually, during the previous moments, the battlecruiser opened fire on Prinz Eugen instead of the Bismarck, because of confusing the German ships. After, fixing the mistake her gunnery officers shifted the gunfire on Bismarck.

HMS Hood was the pride of Royal Navy (image courtesy of HMS Hood Association)

Within 1-2 minutes, the massive 42.000 ton battlecruiser sank after a thunderous explosion. But, British people never forgot their brave battlecruiser and her memory.


Left: HMS Hood during an exercise. Right: Admiral Lancelot Holland.
Technical Information About HMS Hood

Hood was a giant battlecruiser. She had a length of 287 meters and a total displacement of 42.100 tons. Her top speed was 31 knots.

Builder: John Brown & Sons Shipyard
Launched: 1918
Displacement: 42.100 tons standard (46.200 tons full load)
Dimensions: 810 feet (860 ow.a) X 105.5 feet X 31.5 feet
Power: 4 shaft Brown-Curtis turbines with 144.000 HP (SAE)
Boilers: 24 tube type high pressure drum boilers
Armour: Belt armor: 12-5 inches, turrets: 15-11 inches, barbettes: 12-9 inches
Armament: 8X15 in., 14X4 in. AA, 24-40 mm. AA, 8X0.5 MG, 4-21 in torpedo tubes
Complement: 1341
Range: 5170 nautical miles at 18 knots
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