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3D Animation Scripts of DKM Bismarck
In this section you will find some sample 3D (GIF) animations of battleship DKM Bismarck. Please note that the resolutions of these animations are kept low for reducing the loading time to a minimum. Also the frame rates are adjusted to an optimal value because of the same reason. We hope you will enjoy these little sample animations. These 3D animations are some samples from (converted to GIF animations from their AVI originals) Virtual Power Studio's Battleship Bismarck CD. The CD contains more than 50 AVI animations, 200 BMP JPEG high resolution images (640X480 & 1024X768 pixels), plus extra original graphics and photographs.
3D Animations of Battleship Bismarck
GIF Animation 1: Bismarck, during the course of Operation Rheinubung enter
GIF Animation 2: Bismarck opens fire on British battlecruiser Hood enter
GIF Animation 3: Bismarck, just after the Battle of Denmark Strait enter

Note: The normal loading time varies between 60 to 210 seconds according to the modem baud speed (it may change due to other parameters such as the computer memory, hard disk speed and processor MHz), so please be patient during the loading time of the GIF animations. Thank you for your patience.

Remembering Battleship Bismarck and all her brave sailors who died aboard during the deadly gamble which was called Operation Rheinubung.

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